Veterans are disciplined, loyal, and know how to work hard for the nation they’ve served.

When searching for a high-quality candidate to fill a position at your company, the decision can be incredibly difficult. There are many qualified candidates that will apply, but you know that hiring a new employee is more than just experience – they have to fit your company’s culture and understand your mission.

We help employers connect with our nation’s Military Veterans because we know the value of their training, experience, and skills that come with military service. Click below to search Veteran skill profiles and find the best candidate to help your company grow.

How We’re Different

It’s no longer enough to post vacancies on costly job boards and wait for applications to come in. Instead of paying a platform to post per job and pour through hundreds of non-qualified applicants, Veterans ASCEND completely changes the current hiring methodology. We do the matching for you based on Skills, Location, and Salary of your careers. For a low monthly subscription, you can post an unlimited number of jobs and review an unlimited number of veteran profiles. You decide which veteran profile you want to unlock to call for an interview.

Additionally, our proprietary skills matching process gives you the ability to review veterans for positions across your company, not just the one job they may have applied for. We put skills front and center, matching the veterans who have the skills you need.

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Veterans: The Untapped Talent

Every company wants to find candidates who have leadership skills, a strong work ethic, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work in a team.

#1 Reason Employers Hire Veterans

Veterans boast a number of different skills and experiences that many civilians don’t have. Businesses can benefit from hiring Veterans in a number of ways!

Why Hire Veterans?

Veterans boast a number of different skills and experiences that many civilians don’t have. Businesses can benefit from hiring Veterans in a number of ways!

Helping Veterans Find A Fulfilling Career

Many veterans struggle with finding a fulfilling career once they leave the military. There are many skills, however, that would easily fit into an open position at your company.

How To Understand an MOS

The acronym MOS stands for “Military Occupational Specialty” in the U.S. military. What does it entail, and can it help you hire a Veteran?

Veterans ASCEND Podcast

The Veterans ASCEND podcast aims to interview industry leaders and employers who have not only shown that they understand the need to hire Veterans, but have done so at an amazing pace. They understand the value that military Veterans can bring to a workforce, and the experience and skills that they bring with them.

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Veterans ASCEND

Veterans ASCEND is a Veteran-Owned company whose mission is to bring Veterans and Employers together. Get connected with your ideal Veterans today by clicking here.

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