About Battle Sight Technologies, LLC

Spearheading technology for the frontline.

In a combat situation, when seconds seem like hours, danger lies not in what you can see, but in what you can’t.  Battle Sight knows, because we’ve been there.

We know communication is everything. We know tossing a glow stick into a space to mark where rooms have been cleared is inefficient and unpredictable. We know we now have a better solution. We offer the CrayTac® to improve communication, increase speed when every second counts, reduce weight and waste, and minimize cost, which can be greater than just money.

Warfighters, law enforcement officers, and first responders risk everything in service to our freedom and safety and deserve every advantage. Battle Sight Technologies is dedicated to supporting the brave men and women who make the way clear and safe for those who follow them. Our motivation, our calling, and our duty is spearheading technology for the frontline.