About Authentically American:

In 2017, Dean Wegner created Authentically American® to help bring manufacturing jobs back to America. How? By selling premium, competitively priced, apparel that is ALL Made in USA, no exceptions.  His expertise in the apparel industry, coupled with his passion for America, provided all the incentive he needed. He created a brand that aims to set the universally accepted standard for premium American made merchandise. Delivering a significant impact on US job creation. We have found the common thread with our customers to be  their support for USA made merchandise and American manufacturing.  If you are looking for your new favorite polo, the perfect tee to outfit your team, or branded merchandise reach out to us! By ordering from us you, your business, school, or non-profit organization will be wearing the new American brand reinforcing your patriotism, showing support for American industry, and honoring our Veterans and First Responders. 

Patriotism:  we are a brand that celebrates patriotism and honors our American heroes. We are passionate about creating American jobs. Everything we produce is Made in USA, no asterisks or exceptions. 

Customer: we are a customer-centric organization which puts the interests of our customers at the forefront of every action and decision we make. 

Quality: when a product is adorned with our vintage US flag logo, it must represent the absolute highest level of quality.

Respect: we treat our own Team, customers, suppliers, business partners, even those who may disagree with our position, with dignity and respect.