About Vantage Point Foundation:

There are over 190,000 post 9/11 veterans transitioning into civilian life each year — a transition that affects almost every dimension in their lives: work, family, social, school, and community. Many veterans experience friction in this transition. VPF strives to ease that friction, and accelerate veterans’ forward progress into work, education, and their communities. 

The Vantage Point Foundation (VPF) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to guide and support post 9/11 military veterans and families on a new path towards healing and civilian success. VPF primarily supports veterans throughout the greater South Carolina region who have experienced wartime trauma. While the military effectively transforms civilians into skilled warriors, its training for civilian life is lacking. With the civilian/ military divide more distinct (10% of the US population served in WWII contrasted with 0.8% in the Post 9/11 era) the transition to civilian life can be isolating.