About MJ Sweeney:

MJ is a retired US Navy Captain with more than 26 years of service. She was in the Pentagon on that fateful day of September 11th, 2001. She made it out of the building while helping others get out as well. She then took on the honor of creating all the end of tour awards and Purple Heart awards for all the military personnel who were killed at the Pentagon that day.

After retiring from the Navy, MJ spent 12 years with USAA, serving in their Military Affairs Division. Today she is exploring! Keeping a promise she made to herself, MJ is shifting to the nonprofit sector serving the military and veterans, as a capstone role in her working career.

In this episode, you will hear about her experience on 9/11. You will hear insights about females in the military and how Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg argued for women in the military and that we should each avoid hubris and remain teachable.