About The RECON Network – VET Summit


Transition isn’t just about finding a job.
It’s also about finding a purpose.

We have the tools to help.

The RECON Network provides purpose-based training, tools and resources for veterans in career transition.

Funded in cooperation with corporate partners from around the U.S., we provide information, resources and connections to veterans and their spouses, at no charge.

Transition. Decoded.

There are more than 18 million veterans across the United States—and many of those veterans, along with military spouses, are currently unemployed— or, in other cases, underemployed or undereducated.

The transition to civilian or corporate employment has its own challenges, as well—challenges that must be addressed in order to ensure our veteran and military populations can find their fit within our workforce. From identifying potential gaps in the hiring process to translating skills, the Veteran Employment Summit was designed to address these challenges, as well as uncover opportunities for job-seeking veterans and employee-seeking companies.

This two-day conference will focus on both sides of veteran employment—the hiring side (for corporate professionals) and the employment side (for veterans, transitioning military and military spouses).