About COLD Studio:

During the summer of 2009 Corban enlisted with the United States Air Force as a logistician. At the age of 18, he arrived at his first assignment in South Korea, where he served as a Chemical Warfare Supply Specialist. Corban picked up a tattoo apprenticeship on the weekends in Seoul at a tattoo shop called Tattoo Korea, and this experience would reignite his love for the arts. After a tour in South Korea, he was assigned to Aviano Air Base in Northern Italy for a three-year tour. In Italy Corban started painting canvas’ and started his brand, COLD Studio.

After four years of honorable Active service in the Air Force, he decided to move back to Minnesota to start college, teach art to the youth and live as a mentor in a drug rehab home. Corban has continued to travel around the world for art projects and even ventured off on a year long cross-country art tour living and working out of a mobile studio. Corban has had the opportunity to travel around the world, visiting nearly 60 countries learning about art and culture. His mission is to build, teach and inspire a generation through the arts, preaching value and vision.