About zero8hundred:

We are here to connect you to the resources specifically suited to your goals for joining the southern California civilian workforce and community.

zero8hundred offers free individualized support up to a full year prior to military separation through a full year post-military. The zero8hundred team are trained Resource Specialists, with lived military experience themselves, who are committed to walking alongside zero8hundred program participants to help them design and execute the post-military journey they want.

zero8hundred provides services for those that want to prepare for civilian career options, and for those who are ready to find an employer. ‚Äč

Included are resources that provide access to online skills assessments and industry matching tools, coaching by sector leader in the area of interest, access to community resources for resume writing and interview skills, access to veterans resource centers, directory of small/mid-sized companies ready to hire, linkages to existing education and employment navigators, and access to current employment website directories.

zero8hundred is committed to connecting active duty military, veterans, and their families to resources that can help furnish their basic survival needs (including emergency food, shelter/housing, material goods, transportation, utilities, financial services and legal aid services).