About Mission Transition:

Mission Transition is a practical guide for veterans in career transition, their families, and prospective employers. It shows how transitioning veterans can realize their full potential by avoiding false starts and suboptimal career choices following active duty.

“Matt Louis has created the Ranger Handbook of military transition guides. This book provides a concise pathway for service members to translate the skills and character they developed and forged in the military, so they can adapt to a new life mission and personal purpose after career service.”

Geoff Davis, Retired Member of US Congress, Former US Army Ranger and Aviator, USMA Class of 1981

Mission Transition Wins the Nonfiction Authors Association’s Silver Book Award.

The Nonfiction Authors Association Book Award Program just awarded Mission Transition its Silver Book Award. It heaped the following praise on the book:

Very well-written and easy to follow guidebook for service people leaving the military and committed to being successful in the next chapter of their lives.