About Jaime Chapman:

Jaime is a US Army veteran and active duty Army, military spouse. She is the Founder and CEO of Begin Within. Jaime is also the COO and co-founder of the US Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce.

Our Mission is Military Spouse “Careers”

Begin Within places U.S. military spouses in careers… not jobs. We work tirelessly to provide employers the tools and strategies required to attract milspouse talent. We believe military spouse career success requires three key elements:

  1. Hire
  2. Retain
  3. Promote

Military spouses continually demonstrate value in the workplace when placed in careers with longevity, flexibility, and promotability. We bring military spouse talent to your organization through staffing, and by training your internal talent acquisition team to hire, retain and promote upward career progression for milspouses.



To ensure that all active duty and veteran military spouse business owners have the tools and resources they need to strengthen their families, communities, and our economy.