About Hiking Bingo:

Hiking Bingo’s mission is to inspire kids – and kids at heart – to explore the outdoors!

The Hiking Bingo app combines two fun activities – hiking and playing a nature driven scavenger hunt on a bingo grid – to help inspire kids to explore the outdoors. If you are interested in igniting kids’ desire to explore, taking the pull of electronic devices outdoors and keeping kids engaged while hiking, we welcome you to join us on our mission!  

21 Hikes

For this hiking challenge, you will participate in 21 hikes of your choice throughout 2021! Pick hikes which match your (and your kids) skill levels.  There is no required distance or location…it’s all based on your choice and your level of hiking ability. The important part of this challenge is just getting outside and staying active! Log your completed hikes on the Hiking Bingo 2021 Challenge Tracker.