About Military Mama Network

“Military Mama Network was founded with a group of five people in June, 2013. I had been sending boxes to my son while he was in Basic Training for the Army; after he graduated I learned of a soldier and his dog who needed help.  And that’s where the magic happens.  Less than four years later, we are 16,000 strong and growing daily.  We use Facebook, private emails and this web page to build a family of dedicated volunteers to support our troops, our veterans and their families.

Nobody draws a salary at Military Mama Network.  We have completed thousands of missions and sent tens of thousands of cards.   Military Mama Network supports our troops, but what makes us unique is that we also support the families back home.  When a service member is away from home, we know how much that affects a family.  We do what we can to help alleviate the burden, both financially and emotionally.  We support our veterans and their families, whether by food donations or visits on behalf of a far off family member; cards or a warm scarf for the winter.  We discuss what it is like to be a family who loves someone who serves and we don’t shy away from the difficult topics.”