About Dr. Kim Bynum

When the stakes couldn’t be higher and when organizational dysfunction is literally grinding your business to a halt, it takes a seasoned conflict resolution specialist to redirect your route and chart a new course for your team. Dr. Kim Bynum of Kim Bynum Consulting is that catalyst and mentor, embodying equal proportions IQ and EQ, leadership management and emotional intelligence, decorated military service and tough mom love.

In her 21-year career as a distinguished Naval officer, Dr Kim Bynum has encountered, managed and led tough situations in hostile work environments. From detaining pirates to overseeing weapons control teams aboard navy warships to diffusing riots in post-earthquake Haiti, Dr Bynum has made navigating difficult situations her strong suit. When most opt for flight, Kim leans into the fight. She holistically assesses situations, diagnoses issues to their core, then fearlessly de-escalates conflict and redirects teams to chart a different course in calmer waters.

Her secret weapon: emotional intelligence. The product of a childhood rife with conflict and adversity, Dr Bynum gleaned powerful lessons from her upbringing, viewing her formative years as the fulcrum to better understand human behavior and why conflict exists, how it escalates, and importantly, how it can be diffused. Her years in the navy offered ample opportunity to perfect diffusion methods and build exceptional teambuilding and leadership skills. In her second career as a conflict resolution consultant, she mixes her own formula of renown leadership approaches with motivational behavior assessment, personal experience and high emotional intelligence, leading to vibrant team productivity and personal best.

Kim Bynum Consulting addresses conflict resolution issues for small to medium businesses in the healthcare, IT, manufacturing and transportation industry sectors. Dr Bynum is currently a professor of leadership, management and economics, and teaches organizational management at Jacksonville University, Christian Brothers University and DeVry Keller School of Management. She holds degrees in electrical engineering, business administration and management, and wrote her Phd dissertation on motivational behavior. She is married and the proud wife of a U.S. Marine, and mother to a special-needs son and competitive gymnast daughter.